4.0-434 7 år, 4 måneder siden Revert "jit: change our linking module to be able to handle arbitrary exit addresses" This shouldn't cause issues, but does in Windows. Revert for now. This reverts commit 1aa06b8fa4105d22cac0dd847230...
4.0-433 7 år, 4 måneder siden OpenGL: also remove VAO from xfb convertion
4.0-432 7 år, 4 måneder siden [Android] Fix the check for the Qualcomm graphics driver version for v53 drivers with the screen being rotated 90 degrees. Initialize the OpenGL information grabbing only once. Check for v14 Qualcomm ...
4.0-431 7 år, 4 måneder siden Fix the issue with COLOROUT not being defined anymore. Fix a issue where Mali shader compiler is idiotic in finding an overload for the mix function.
4.0-430 7 år, 4 måneder siden [Android] Enable hard-float support. Requires Android NDK r9b.
4.0-429 7 år, 4 måneder siden [Android] Enable the ability to find OpenMP on Android...which isn't used in the generic texture decoder so no win.
4.0-428 7 år, 4 måneder siden [Android] Due to recent changes in code breaking Tegra 4 support, and also the upcoming code which will be breaking GLES2 support entirely. Taking the initiative to drop the remaining support code fro...
4.0-427 7 år, 4 måneder siden OpenGL: cleanup yuv2rgb (real xfb) workflow
4.0-426 7 år, 4 måneder siden Add comments for anybody attempting accuracy improvements in the future.
4.0-425 7 år, 4 måneder siden OpenGL: Enable filtering for EFB to Real XFB copies.
4.0-424 7 år, 4 måneder siden [ARM] Implement the Acid test in the JIT core. This test is currently broken in JIT64 since it uses cr instead of cr_fast.
4.0-423 7 år, 4 måneder siden Fix Desktop GLSL versions in the recent changes.
4.0-422 7 år, 4 måneder siden Fix OpenGL ES 3 in the recent changes. texelFetch doesn't require the lod argument in desktop GLSL versions, but in GLSL ES 3 it is a required argument.
4.0-421 7 år, 4 måneder siden Opengl: fix real XFB sample positions
4.0-420 7 år, 4 måneder siden Opengl: Fix opengl realxfb "macroblocking"/bluring issue.
4.0-419 7 år, 4 måneder siden VideoCommon: reorder cbufid in orderer. We've used once two times
4.0-418 7 år, 4 måneder siden Merge branch 'efb2tex_alpha'
4.0-415 7 år, 4 måneder siden Unused arguments removed from XFBSource::Draw Thanks neo.
4.0-414 7 år, 4 måneder siden OpenGL: Enable pinned memory even for index buffers (works for me). Big-ish speedup on AMD GPUs for streaming intensive games.
4.0-413 7 år, 4 måneder siden Gameini database update. Beyond Good and Evil (gc), Hunter: The Reckoning (gc), MARIO SUPERSTAR BASEBALL (gc), Heavy Fire Special Operations (wiiware), Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2005 (gc), Tiger Woods PGA ...