3.5-1728 6 år, 12 måneder siden Fix a merge fail that happened when I merged in Android. It is just a bit of duplicate code, no issues came from it.
3.5-1727 6 år, 12 måneder siden Revert "Fix a memory leak in ExpressionParser.cpp"
3.5-1726 6 år, 12 måneder siden Remove -0 from stable release version numbers.
3.5-1725 6 år, 12 måneder siden Use a multibyte-neutral codepage when calling *printf on Windows.
3.5-1724 6 år, 12 måneder siden Fix a memory leak in ExpressionParser.cpp
3.5-1723 6 år, 12 måneder siden Fix a stack corruption in ExtendedTrace.
3.5-1722 7 år siden fix lightning for inconsitent config
3.5-1721 7 år siden Free two memory leaks in ArmCPUDetect.cpp
3.5-1720 7 år siden disable emulate format changes on glsl120
3.5-1719 7 år siden Add new Netplay headers to the VS project.
3.5-1718 7 år siden [ARM] Some initial support for immediates in integer. Plenty more to go.
3.5-1717 7 år siden [ARM] Fix IMM support in the register cache.
3.5-1716 7 år siden Merge branch 'netplay'
3.5-1709 7 år siden [ARM] Make sure to flush a register location. IMM still doesn't work...
3.5-1708 7 år siden [ARM] Add support for IMMs to the GPR reg cache. Not yet using it since it doesn't quite work
3.5-1707 7 år siden [ARM] Remove Fastmem. It is buggy and may never have the potential to work correctly.
3.5-1706 7 år siden Core: Remove dead code
3.5-1705 7 år siden [ARM] Missed flushing our register caches in mtmsr. This would cause a buttload of problems, including the suspected ori being wrong issue. So flush caches and reenable ori.
3.5-1704 7 år siden [ARM] dcbst implementation.
3.5-1703 7 år siden [ARM] Implement cmpl