3.5-1629 7 år siden Fix up last commit
3.5-1628 7 år siden Use pkg-config to check for XInput2
3.5-1627 7 år siden Clean up all the GetName methods for XInput2 controls.
3.5-1626 7 år siden Add X11 XInput2 input plugin, including MPX and with support for axis controls. Based on the original XLib plugin, and thus shares some of its warts.
3.5-1625 7 år siden [Android] Tiny cleanup regarding method indentation in GameListAdapter.
3.5-1624 7 år siden [ARM] Reenable FMRX, it seems to work fine.
3.5-1623 7 år siden [ARM] Implement LFD. Reorder VFP register allocation a bit.
3.5-1622 7 år siden Add Read_F32 and Read_F64 helper functions to MemmapFunctions.
3.5-1621 7 år siden [ARM] Implement xorx
3.5-1620 7 år siden [ARM] Disable mfmsr. Implement stb and subfx.
3.5-1619 7 år siden [ARM] Implement MFTB
3.5-1618 7 år siden [ARM] Implement mfmsr
3.5-1617 7 år siden On ARM Hosts, increase the instruction run count to 64bit. 32bit is /very/ quickly overflown.
3.5-1616 7 år siden Fix encoding issue with VADD(Integer)
3.5-1615 7 år siden [Android] Oops. Keep the screenOrientation setting to landscape.
3.5-1614 7 år siden [Android] Folder Browser a fragment as well. Removes the menu item for selected path, because it was just a confusing mechanic anyway. People just tap on the ISO in the browser anyway.
3.5-1613 7 år siden Fix for my previous commit.
3.5-1612 7 år siden [Android] Change input configuration to a fragment.
3.5-1611 7 år siden [Android] In the About pane, show if the phone supports OpenGL ES 3. Makes it less confusing for users.
3.5-1610 7 år siden [Android] Start making it so the side pane is visible on all activities by converting them to fragments. Only Browse Folder and Gamepad Config remain. Fix a issue that Lioncash introduced where no gam...