3.5-127 8 år siden Remove unused progressive scan option from iso properties, and disable audio settings while a game is running.
3.5-126 8 år siden Fix truncated names and descriptions in the game list on linux.
3.5-125 8 år siden Move widescreen hack to enhancements tab.
3.5-124 8 år siden Save git hash to .dtm header.
3.5-123 8 år siden Last warning for me on Linux.
3.5-122 8 år siden Improve file search speeds by deleting an unused file.
3.5-121 8 år siden Optimized the Dolphin SEO process a bit
3.5-120 8 år siden Always count gc controller inputs.
3.5-119 8 år siden Fix 4 warnings on OSX
3.5-118 8 år siden Clear up some warnings that crop up from -Wextra
3.5-117 8 år siden Fix the last few warnings in Dolphin on my system.
3.5-116 8 år siden This line in SWRenderer has been wrong ever since the beginning.
3.5-115 8 år siden Disable the warning about va_list being mangled differently now.
3.5-114 8 år siden Missed a precision qualifier in a HWRasterizer shader.
3.5-113 8 år siden In memory of calc84.
3.5-112 8 år siden always calls glBindBuffer(0) after disabling vao
3.5-111 8 år siden Mismatched new/delete.
3.5-110 8 år siden Toggle wiimote status based on the actual status, instead of some dumb checkbox that is almost never even right.
3.5-109 8 år siden revert RasterFont optimization
3.5-108 8 år siden Fix (dis)connecting wiimotes via hotkey.