3.5-1095 8 år siden buildfix for my last commit on Mac OSX
3.5-1094 8 år siden Small Blending logic fix for opengl backend
3.5-1093 8 år siden Removed some redundant code introduced in the last commit.
3.5-1092 8 år siden Rounded the loop addresses to the nearest 16bit value in the loop comparison.
3.5-1091 8 år siden OGL: enable buffersubdata in detection
3.5-1090 8 år siden Readded the tracking of the FIFO Writes.
3.5-1089 8 år siden Fix a slight leak in LogManager.
3.5-1088 8 år siden Fixed issue 6119.
3.5-1087 8 år siden [DolphinWX] Remove a duplicate conditional in Frame.cpp
3.5-1086 8 år siden Revert "Don't open/close file for every file operation." as it was crashing PokePark in Windows builds.
3.5-1085 8 år siden Array overrun fixed in VertexShaderCache for the DX11 plugin.
3.5-1084 8 år siden Fixed DSPTool build.
3.5-1083 8 år siden Windows build fix
3.5-1082 8 år siden Go back to assuming every HID device is a wiimote on Windows. Fixed issue 6117. Unfixed issue 6031.
3.5-1081 8 år siden VideoSoftware: Improve fog range adjustment by using less magic and more comments.
3.5-1080 8 år siden revert RasterFont for VideoSoftware
3.5-1079 8 år siden ogl: fix virtual xfb
3.5-1078 8 år siden Windows build fix from web interface...
3.5-1077 8 år siden Adjusted the audio loop criteria, using >= on the Wii and == on GC. This fixes the audio static that occurred in Wii games after hours of play.
3.5-1076 8 år siden Merge branch 'Fast-EE'