3.5-1398 6 år, 9 måneder siden [Android] Remove artificial limitation to not leave the sdcard directory. Keep screen on while running.
3.5-1397 6 år, 9 måneder siden [Android] Fix drawn buttons causing rendering issues.
3.5-1396 6 år, 9 måneder siden Gameini database update. Fixes issues 6354,6355,6356. Update NFS Most Wanted.
3.5-1395 6 år, 9 måneder siden Get video backend name via g_video_backend->GetName() instead of sconfig for movies, since that can be wrong.
3.5-1394 6 år, 9 måneder siden Added FIFO reset bypass patch for the PAL version of Wallace and Gromit in Project Zoo.
3.5-1393 6 år, 9 måneder siden Implemented field order detection for PAL games. Fixes the shaking of the screen when XFB is enabled with a PAL game.
3.5-1392 6 år, 9 måneder siden Invalidate the texture cache using the GPU thread when the CPU thread makes a request.
3.5-1391 6 år, 9 måneder siden Fix the GameCube mic dialog header's invalid include guard.
3.5-1390 6 år, 9 måneder siden Adding stick radius setting
3.5-1389 6 år, 10 måneder siden Added optimizations to ClassifyFloat/Double functions in Mathutil.cpp and to PPCCache.cpp
3.5-1388 6 år, 10 måneder siden Changing the Gecko code comparison from metadata to data comparison
3.5-1387 6 år, 10 måneder siden Reading shake force from calibration rather than a constant
3.5-1386 6 år, 10 måneder siden Adding condition to CoreTiming state function
3.5-1385 6 år, 10 måneder siden Create our OGL context on the same thread in the OpenGL backend. Same issue with Qualcomm not working with threading correctly.
3.5-1384 6 år, 10 måneder siden [Android] Properly open the navigation drawer when pressing menu or back in the game list.
3.5-1383 6 år, 10 måneder siden [Android] 0.3 Release
3.5-1382 6 år, 10 måneder siden [Android] Drop minimum Android version support to 2.3 since there is a /bunch/ of people asking for it.
3.5-1381 6 år, 10 måneder siden [Android] Disable OpenGL in the settings menu since it doesn't work yet. Change some theme settings so the back button shows up on screen where needed.
3.5-1380 6 år, 10 måneder siden [Android] Qualcomm drivers require that the EGL context is created on the same thread that the OpenGL commands are run on. Crappy driver limitation since eglMakeCurrent should work to let it be on a d...
3.5-1379 6 år, 10 måneder siden Make auto fullscreen resolution the default.